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Montreal Block Therapy

Welcome to Block Therapy- weekly classes! tone fascia fitness in Montreal

Why I Block -its about self care

Why I block? - To be effortlessly free in my body so I can hike, swim, bike, permablitz, beekeep, bake sourdough bread by the dozen, do yoga, sit, stand and walk anywhere with ease. You know a little self care = enjoying life.

I discovered Block Therapy after several years of trying to recover from a car crash and several iconic northern ice falls  (you may know the kind of fall -where you become airborne for a gravity free moment before slamming into the ice covered cement sidewalk). Combined these resulted in chronic pain and constant re-injury. I tried every type of the therapy from traditional to pretty out there in an effort to reclaim my strength, freedom of mobility, and energy. For me the Block Therapy combination of deep fascia release, isometric strength building (btw it is a great fitness program), alignment that stays and the meditative action of being deeply in the body did it. So much so, I certified as a Block Therapy teacher and then certified in the Block Therapy Therapist (body work training) to widen my knowledge and skills. I continue in advance training with the programs founder Deanna Hansen, Certified Athletic Therapist.   

try it :)- I always offer the 1st class with block buddy and block baby blocks complimentary. Would love to block with you  - lea

Block Therapy Montreal = Self Care empowerment. Release of Chronic injuries, pain + Realignment with Vibrancy/Strength. Reshape and Rebuild. Be strong with easy mobility. Deep fascia work that releases deep restrictions and adhesion's that block our ability to be in our body pain free. Lengthen and strengthen. Improve in your sport of choice, move past where you are blocked or just be effortlessly free in your body.   Classes & blocks in Montreal, NDG