Why Block?

Change your relationship with your body!

Block Therapy : a full body/mind strength building fascia fitness workout that positively changes the tone and shape of both your body and espirt. 

In short, fascia is the body shaper so it needs to be strong, flexible and hydrated. Coupled with diaphragmatic breathing and a rich meditation component it is a wonderful complement to improving mental & physical performance, flexibility and mobility. Blocking changes the body/mind relationship into something fun, curious and healing, no longer stuck in stress.   

Utilizing handcrafted cedar Block Buddy's™ ,sequential compression, diaphragmatic breathing and isometrics you release fascia and damaged tissue. 

Trust your body to be there for you.

Over time, our fascia compresses layer over layer. If we allow this compression to develop, eventually fat builds up, disease settles in, and aches and pains become chronic. Getting unstuck in your body delivers a heady sense of sheer freedom! Tone and shape fascia fitness. Block Therapy works deep in the fascia layers releasing old scar tissue, deep fascia adhesions and knots creating glorious lean length and strength. Sooo Grab a Block Buddy and release. Classes in Montreal weekly.

Understanding how to heal and enjoy your body is the Goal!

Build back your resilience and freedom in your body using the fascia fitness release sequences and Block Buddy tm. Blocking becomes incredibly precise at understanding what are the cause sites for pain and restrictions and how to encourage deep fascia release. 


Join us -Block Therapy in Montreal

Injury and aging happens

Make choices to support your body

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